A passion for

joyful celebrations

A sister team located in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, we feel so lucky to work together doing something we love so much!

We love weddings and feel passionate about partnering with couples to create beautiful, memorable, and joyful  celebrations that focus on what truly matters.


Though we both love creating beautiful things, we also bring unique strengths to our partnership. Ellen is the organization guru of our duo and is a genius when it comes to planning, timelines and budgets. Britta loves to get her hands messy and focus on the action items, design elements and last minute details. We are great problem solvers and love the process of bringing everything together to create something special! Did we mention that we love doing it together?

behind the name

A deep rooted, flowering bush, heather has long been a symbol of strength and protection. It is hardy enough to withstand harsh weather and yet lovely in color and form.  We believe a wedding is much more than beautiful flowers, delicious cake and creative details (though we love these things). It is most importantly the celebration of a commitment to one another and covenant with God. Our hope for your marriage  is that it would take deep root in the truth of God's love and go on to flourish for the rest of your life.


We also hope our services help create a safe and peaceful sanctuary, a haven, in the midst of one of the most hectic days of your life. Your wedding will likely be the only time that all of your loved ones are gathered together and we want you to be free to relax and enjoy it!

A purposeful meaning


We'd love to get to know you over a

cup of coffee or

a green smoothie!

Until then, here's a bit about us